I first qualified as a Barrister, before further qualifying as a New York Attorney and Solicitor. Barristers are organised around Inns of Court. My Inn of Court is The Middle Temple; hence the icon. Because I further qualified as a Solicitor I am a non-practicing Barrister and am not an active member of The Middle Temple. Barristers are regulated by The Bar Council. Hence the icon. Unfortunately the Bar Council website does not maintain a list of qualified Barristers. This is maintained by Sweet and Maxwell.

Hence the Legal Hub icon. You can search for me through the Legal Hub. There is a degree of circularity in that their reference makes further reference to this website. But the entry proves the qualification. The Legal Hub does not state whether the Barrister is in 'good standing': that is subject to disciplinary proceedings. An outdated Bar Council good standing certificate is contained within my website. However up to date proof of good standing can only be gained by enquiry of The Bar Council.